Technical Extended Range

This program provides divers with the training necessary to:

  • Independently plan and conduct two-gas switch, multiple-stop decompression dives,
  • In a Twinset or Extended Range Sidemount Total Diving System,
  • To a maximum depth of 50 meters (60 meters when using trimix),
  • Using decompression gas mixtures up to 100% oxygen,
  • With an equally- or more-qualified dive buddy.

Student Prerequisites

Have logged at least:

  • 70 total dives
  • 20 dives deeper than 30 meters
  • 10 dives requiring staged decompression with at least one (1) gas switch (not including training dives)

Have at least one (1) of the following SSI certifications or an equivalent from a recognized training agency:

  • Extended Range
  • Full Cave Diving
  • Technical Wreck Diving


  • Recommended hours for completion: 18.