SSI Extended Range Sidemount

The course is intended for people who do not have major problems with the two-cylinder configuration.

During the course, we improve the skills of putting on and depositing additional cylinders (two stages), we simulate gas change procedures, we practice removing all cylinders, emergency scenarios, black mask, S-drills, donating the long hose, skills in dealing with regulators or valves failure, buoyancy, SMB launch, frog kick, back kick, flutter kicks, gradual ascent, sideways swimming, underwater stage exchange and many other skills.

This course is a minimum of four open water dives. This course is NOT a DECOMPRESSION COURSE but prepares the diver to undertake the Extended Range decompression course in SM configuration. SSI names are confusing. To sum up; XR Sidemount is a no-decompression course that teaches equipment mastery, and the Extended Range course (without SM in the name) is already a decompression course.

You are all kindly invited!