Basic sidemount / Recreational sidemount SSI course

The basic sidemount course is the first degree of initiation. Those who have completed it in Sidemount Silesia will confirm that “basic” is only in the name. I recommend it not only to people who have not yet had the opportunity to dive with cylinders under their armpits, but also to those divers who tried to deal with the intricacies of setting up the harness and SM bladder on their own and did not have the opportunity to practice basic skills, emergency procedures, self-rescue, or are not satisfied with their trim, figure or ways of moving underwater.

We start classes with the theoretical part, which takes place online. During our meeting, we also discuss course details and get to know each other better, set priorities and define goals.

On the first day of the course at the diving site, we start with the meticulous setting of harnesses, elastics, d-rings, straps, regulators, hoses, boltsnaps, doubleenders and cylinders. These activities are laborious but necessary for further work already under water. After configuring the equipment, we discuss the exercises and all of them we prepractice "dry".

After this part, we jump into shallow water where instructor Michur makes the last adjustments to the settings. During the classes, the instructor presents the skills and the trainee tries to repeat them. Classes are video recorded and the recording is then analyzed and discussed during the instructor's discussion with the student.

The next stage of the course is open water diving, where we continue to learn skills and procedures while improving buoyancy and swimming styles in diving.

A diver after a course at Sidemount Silesia must meet the requirements imposed by the standards of the organization, but I guarantee that he/she will have knowledge and skills beyond the above mentioned standards.

Each dive is preceded by an extensive briefing and ended with a debriefing. Feedback is the basis of every course.

In practice, these are two very long diving days from morning to late evening.

You are all kindly invited!