HI! My name is Tomasz Michura but most people call me "Michur". I am a technical instructor with SSI and many other sidemount diving organizations. I am the head of the Sidemount Silesia diving school and ambassador for brands such as Santi, Mares, AmmoniteSystem and Dluxe Straps. I'm known for diving in a multi-cylinder sidemount setup, where I strive to master it perfectly. I have been perfecting SM procedures for years and spend a lot of time training in this system and educating everyone who is fascinated by underarm scuba diving. On my YT channel, the website you are currently visiting and the Sidemountsilesia Facebook fanpage, you can learn from the instructional videos, look at the sidemount diver photos, ask the price of SM products and diving equipment in this configuration, make an appointment for courses and seminars, configure the equipment, come with us for diving in Poland, Europe and the world, and spend a few or more days in southern Italy (where I am lucky enough to have an apartment), training with me, drinking Italian cappuccino. I love my job as an instructor because I enjoy watching the progress of my students, whether they are experienced divers or just starting their sidemount adventure. I speak fluent English and Italian (except Polish and Silesian) and I have perfected my experience as an instructor by conducting courses and workshops for divers and instructors in countries such as Poland, of course, but also Austria, Italy, Philippines, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia , Bahrain, Egypt and South Korea. To begin with, I invite you to visit my website.