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My name is Tom but almost everybody (excluding my dog) calls me Michur. I am an MSDT PADI , PADI tec, PADI sidemount and PADI tec sidemount instructor. I am also an SDI Sidemount Instructor, TDi Sidemount Instructor and run Advanced Nitrox and Deco Procedures courses with TDI. I am also an IANTD certified cave diver. For the last few years I have devoted most of my time to sidemount configuration and I keep developing it and making it more flexible, effective and diver-friendly. Although sidemount diving derives from cave diving it has recently become tremendously popular among open water divers. I have managed to come up with some procedures that might come in handy while using two-cylinder sidemount configuration as well as while multistaging. I do not think I would be so much preoccupied with experimenting and upgrading my skills if it were not for my actual passion and love for this way of diving.



I am kindly inviting everyone to my site; those who are yet unaware, beginners and more advanced sidemount divers who are in search for more information on sidemount or simply have difficulty in solving some issues and are unable to resolve them on their own. I will be grateful to be of some help. My pleasure!
I will also be happy to welcome you at my Basic Sidemount or TEC Sidemount courses. Those who I have had the pleasure of teaching so far will confirm the courses are not easy for the student… but it is supposed to be hard during the course so that later the diver can take delight in sidemounting being able to sort out any kind of problems and emergencies.
Following TEC SM course you are kindly invited to enroll for multistage workshop, Advanced Nitrox or Deco Procedures courses which I will be happy to run using SM configuration.
Apart from sidemount courses , which are definitely my cup of tea, I run Backmount courses . See more details in “courses”.
Please visit my "gallery” and “video manuals
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Tomek „Michur” Michura