Basic Sidemount course

Basic Sidemount Course is the first stage in sidemount diving. I recommend it not only to divers who have not yet had an opportunity to give it a go but also to those who have encountered difficulties while trying to adjust the harness and BCD and still feel, even having been trained, they lack certain skills and knowledge on emergencies and problem-solving procedures. If you are still dissatisfied with your buoyancy, trim or swimming techniques you will love the programme I offer.
We begin with the theoretical part, then move to a very detailed work on your harness and BCD adjustment that includes meticulous setting of bungees, d-rings, cambands, boltsnaps, first and second stages of regulators, hoses and cylinders. These things are time-consuming but worth your while as “the devil is in the detail”… Having configured the equipment we spend some time discussing the underwater exercises to be practiced in the pool or confined waters. If needed we practice them “dry” first before jumping in.
In the pool I take the final look at the gear adjustment and if everything is fine we start working on the skills. All your efforts are filmed so that we have some feedback afterwards and you may see with your own eyes the things we still need to improve and change if necessary.
The final stage of this course is the open water section where we continue to master the sidemount skills and procedures at the same time polishing our swimming techniques and putting finishing touches to our buoyancy and trim.
Having completed the course with Sidemount Silesia the diver needs to meet the standards of the diving organization (PADI or SDI) included in the programme but I guarantee the diver will be provided with knowledge and skills that highly exceed them.

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